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  • Taylor Swift, BeyoncĂ©, Bts And Harry Types Among Winners At 2022 American Music Awards

    K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has topped the list of ‘Best K-Pop Singers of 2022’ and has surpassed the common K-pop boy band BTS, who previously owned the 1st position. The 13-year-old boy is not 13 anymore but he had noticed the most dynamic career development and the reputation he gained was unbelievable. And the planet […]

  • Cancer Constellation Black Pom Beanie

    Its representation as a crab is associated to the crab in Greek mythology that pinched Heracles even though he was fighting the Lernaean hydra. Crushed by Heracles, the crab was rewarded by Heracles’ enemy, Hera, by becoming placed in the heavens. The Cancer Constellation remains a single of the Zodiac indicators and as time progresses […]